Child Support

The Texas family law court that presided over your original child support order has the power to enforce that order and to modify it. If you have a child support issue, you will need the court's help to resolve it. If you attempt to resolve the issue without the help of the court, you could be found in contempt.

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Child support modifications

Child support can be modified if there is a significant increase or decrease in the payer's income. Child support can also be changed if the payer gains a new child through remarriage.

If you reduce child support payments without obtaining a court approved modification, you could be found guilty of contempt for nonpayment of child support. Even if your spouse verbally agrees to the change, that agreement would not be enforceable.

Enforcement actions

If your spouse is not paying child support or providing visitation, you can obtain an enforcement order through the court. If your spouse does not comply with the order he or she can be fined, jailed or both. The court may also order your spouse to pay reasonable court costs and legal fees.

You cannot deny visitation to a spouse, even if he or she is not paying child support.

Child Support Is Complicated & Experience Matters

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